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Please note, as from April 2011, the minimum legal age for using Commercial Sunbeds in Salons will rise from 16 yrs to 18 yrs. Please don’t be offended if we ask for ID, it’s the law and we are putting your safety first.

The Beach House offers a relaxed environment in which to tan.  From the moment you visit you will notice the difference.  We have invested heavily in the best sunbeds and enclosed them in private cubicles.  Our staff will show you the sunbeds, explain the differences, and give a full explanation of the controls. Our service extends right through to the end of your session where we will also clean the sunbed for you. We stock a wide range of accelerator creams, SPF lotions and fake tan products; most importantly an assistant is always on hand to provide the best advice when it comes to all aspects of tanning.

star-separatorYour personal tanning plan.

Preparation is the key to achieving the best possible tan. Determining the tanning time that’s right for your unique skin type before you start is the key to achieving and maintaining a natural-looking glow.

Tanning is about more than just looking good, it’s also about the satisfaction of knowing you are taking the best care of your skin. From moisturisers to self-tanners, our premium tanning lotions and ProTan tanning products are a tan’s best friend. Give yourself the power to treat your skin right and tan in a controlled environment!



How do I get a tan?

      1. The skin is exposed to UV light.
      2. UVA stimulates Melanin cell production
      3. Melanin cells move towards the skins surface
      4. Melanin oxidises upon reaching the skins surface and tans under the influence of UVB


Our fantastic tips section is coming very soon! Top tanning takes time people.

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